Invincibility in the Face of Prostate Cancer

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This book is about one man’s struggle among millions against advanced metastatic prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a group of cancerous cells that begins most often in the outer part of the prostate. Usually, early prostate cancer does not have symptoms but if left untreated, may metastasise to nearby lymph nodes, bones, or other organs resulting in men experiencing aches and pains in the bones, pelvis, hips, ribs, and back.

Diagnosed in early 2012, this man went through an exhausting three-year intrusion of his mind, body, and soul. This book covers extracts of a detailed day-by-day diary of the side effects of treatment and will to live.

In his fight, he discovers that cancer does not define him, but how he lives and fights cancer does. He shares a practical sense of making the best of his situation. Prostate cancer is a disease that has been shrouded in silence, in part because it strikes at the core of masculine identity, a subject many men are reluctant to discuss. This man’s openness and diarised insight into the life of a prostate cancer sufferer makes for compelling reading.

With the loving support of his partner and family, he fights the invader who seeks to take him from his dear ones.

He could be mistaken for a man at war, as the disease lends itself to military metaphors.

Swelling armies of cells on the march, their positions firmly entrenched in his organs and their stealth troops quietly setting up distant outposts in his body. He was offered the revolutionary cancer treatment drug abiraterone under the NHS special stampede clinical drug trials. This was exhaustively tested upon him, with astonishing results. After three years of intensive treatment, his PSA (prostate-specific antigen) level dropped dramatically from just over 500ng/ml to less than 0.01ng/ml. Most significant was that these levels were achieved during the first six months of the treatment plan and have remained at this level for over three years. His professional career of 30 years as an international security consultant came under financial strain as he struggled to get back into the driver’s seat.

His mental state was tested among his peers and put through 'Periods' of suicidal ideation as he fought the debilitating disease. His fight leads him to interrogate religious faith and question his relationship with the almighty.

He looks at his family’s cancer history, which saw the demise of his mother's entire side of her family, and recalls his mother’s courage. In the later years of his treatment, he begins to understand that cancer is not a death sentence, it is a life sentence – ‘It pushes one to LIVE. You can be a victim of it or a survivor of it. It's a MINDSET.’


Alfred Samuels

A 3½-year prostate cancer survivor, Alfred Samuels recently wrote his first book, Invincibility in the Face of Prostate Cancer:Coming Out The Other Side, with the intention to inspire, motivate, uplift and educate people about prostate cancer. Through Invincibility, it is Alfred’s wish to influence people and make them realise the value of the information that he has recorded.

Alfred has travelled extensively throughout the world, and is educated to a master’s degree level in security management, owns his own security consultancy company and is a member of a number of professional guilds in the city, including the fields of electronic technicians, and mechanics. With his considerable skills and education, Alfred has also served as a security and counter terrorism advisor to African as well as Caribbean governments, with specialties in the areas of military and police specialist training and equipment procurement. Alfred has also worked in the entertainment industry for the past 28 years, for stars such as Bob Dylan, Sade, Seal and Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey, Oasis and Rod Stewart, to mention but a few. Alfred lives in Middlesex in the UK with his partner and family


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